House of Silence

I tried to write a poem once But it didn’t feel right   Not because I didn’t have something to say Not because I couldn’t find the words   Because of this house You built for me Or maybe the house I built for me   The one with the white walls And narrow halls   … More House of Silence

Full Speed Ahead

I want to stop, but I can’t. To stop would mean to admit that it’s wrong And I can’t afford to be wrong again.   I want to say no more To take the high road, Be the bigger person, Whatever bullshit sentiment that comes with Doing the right thing   I want to stop … More Full Speed Ahead


Our school was small by university standards, a selling point on campus tours that covered the bland aesthetics with promises of a quality education. Wilted poplar trees lined the bleak sidewalks that connected grey and white academic buildings.  Despite the close-knit community the brochures advertised, I didn’t know many outside the immediate circle of my … More Sunday

Four Languages

During my senior year of high school, I organized an attack on my Japanese teacher. He only had himself to blame. He told us about a tradition in Japanese culture where at the start each New Year, people throw soybeans around the house to ward off demons and welcome happiness. Being the children we were … More Four Languages

My First Feminist

Last night in our living room, “Mulan” came up in conversation. I’ve seen it far too many times to count, but each time it spurs something inside of me, an emotional whirlwind that defines my love-hate relationship with the characters and the plot. When one of my friends said she’d never see it, we gasped … More My First Feminist


  Glisten, v. to shine with a fitful twinkling light / dew drops dancing on fresh and fertile daisies / morning light’s beams bouncing off beads of baby’s breaths / the virgin as she comes to life / the moistened brow / sparkling eyes / rosy cheeks / sweltering thighs / candle-light reflecting in tears … More Glisten